More and more homes are taking on unique architectural designs including interesting window shapes in the pursuit of character and style. Unfortunately finding equally stylish coverings for these windows can prove difficult which is why we offer bespoke, tailor made special shaped shutters for windows of all shapes and sizes. We have supplied our fantastic special shape window shutters across Middlesbrough accommodating everything from arches and oval designs to the warped and misshaped frames of older buildings which have succumb to the elements and time.

Whether you have an older home where the windows have faced the test of time or a modern home which intentionally takes on unusually shaped windows, we can create a made-to-measure shutter which is compatible with both the space and your personal taste.

Offering more than just amazing design, our special shaped shutters are ideal for controlling the natural light you let into your home as well as providing additional insulation. All our shutters are tough and durable, high quality products that are responsibly sourced. We take great care in ensuring our shutters are of the highest quality in terms of both aesthetic and craftmanship and we hold our installations to the same high standards. We fit our special shaped shutters across Middlesbrough and put emphasis on making sure they are secure every time so that they remain safe for the whole family.

Whether you need square, rectangular, oval, or even triangular shutters we can create a responsibly sourced, made-to-measure solution for you and your home. Give us a call on 01642 762 497 and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and discuss your requirements, or alternatively pop in to our showroom and see some of our excellent examples for yourself.