Sometimes you just want to reduce or completely block out the light which beams through your skylight. However, conventional blinds are not only awkward to fit to a skylight they are also often aesthetically unpleasing. Here at Tailormade shutters we supply and fit skylight shutters across Middlesbrough so that you can have better control over the rooms lighting without sacrificing the room and skylight’s aesthetic. Instead Tailormade skylight shutters enhance the look of a skylight with a clean and sophisticated finish.

From adding an extra level of privacy and filtering out unwanted glare to maintaining a cooler and more desirable temperature and completing a room’s look, our Tailormade skylight shutters have become exceptionally popular throughout Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas. As well as all their functions we have described above, our Tailormade skylight shutters reduce energy costs and are responsibly sourced.

Our premium hardwood Sumatra range is ideal for skylights and we can fit them for even the most awkward of areas such as slanted roofs. Whatever your skylight we can create shutters to fit it. We pride ourselves on our pin point accuracy and only make secure and well-fitting shutters making them safe for the whole family.

We are confident you will love the functionality, high quality craftmanship, and incredible aesthetic of our skylight shutters as countless other happy customers across Middlesbrough have which is why we also offer a three-year guarantee. Call us on 01642 762 497 or visit us in our showroom to find out more about our skylight shutter options.