There’s a lot to consider when choosing shutters. Start by taking a look at our image galleries for inspiration about how to transform your rooms and explore our huge range of shutter styles. All Tailormade shutters are completely made-to-measure for the perfect fit.

Your windows and budget will help determine what style and material you choose, as well as how you want to best use your living space. You might want to allow in as much as light possible, or privacy might be your main priority.

Perhaps you need a robust material for a high traffic area of the house, or you want the elegance and soft touch of a hardwood shutter.

The versatility and quality of Tailormade interior shutters means you can achieve your vision with complete peace of mind. When you’re ready, contact one of our trained independent retailers who will be able to help advise you on the best option.

Which style?

Take a look at our shutter page and our 12 different styles to choose from.

Full height are a popular style as their sleek lines appear to elongate the look of your windows and create a clean, elegant appearance. This can be further enhanced with the use of a silent tilt bar rather than side or centre tilt rods for opening the louvres.

If you’d like more flexibility and would like to operate the top of your shutters independently from the bottom, then tier-on-tier may be an option. You could choose to open the top tier and keep the bottom tier shut or partially opened, which is a popular choice for bay windows.

For a little continental chic, you may prefer to opt for café style. These shutters cover the bottom half of your windows, keeping the top half completely open for maximum light. This option is popular at properties with decorative window panes or for home owners who are overlooked and require privacy without sacrificing the light.

And if you’re looking for full height or tier-on-tier shutters for your bedroom, don’t forget our fabulous integrated room darkening shutter and blind option for two premium products in one.


Which material?

Tailormade offers a range of 6 premium materials to choose from, from entry level MDF to FSC certified White Teak.

Take a moment to look at this table when deciding the type of shutter installation and colours you need. This will help identify the right material for your space.

There is a growing range of shutters on the UK market and it’s important to find out about the construction process for peace of mind.

Shutters will be a timeless fixture in your home and you want to be confident that you are investing in a quality product that will be resilient to temperature fluctuations and cope with day-to-day usage for years to come.

Premium Tailormade shutters are highly engineered at the world’s largest shutter factory that uses mortise and tenon joints for stability.

Which colour?

Each Tailormadevshutter material comes in a range of colours and wood stains, from 5 shades of white for our entry level Antigua range, through to a choice of 20 stains and 28 paints for our hardwoods.

White and neutral shutters are a popular choice, giving you the maximum flexibility to change your colour scheme in the future. They create the illusion of space and light as well as a beautiful blank canvas for any colourful furniture, pictures or personal belongings.

If you prefer the natural look of wood, then you can opt for a stain that will enhance your hardwood shutter and emphasise its grain. Our White Teak Sumatra range boasts a tight, uniform grain which helps you achieve a consistent look.

Remember that the amount of light that enters your room will affect the appearance of your wall colour, and they may look quite different in the evening compared to during the day with your louvres open or partially open.

A custom colour option is also available if you want to seamlessly match your shutters to your decor. Tailormade shutters can be made to match any high street paint.  You can also be bold and select a bright paint if you wish to create a feature window, which can look fabulous in children’s bedrooms or kitchens.


Other considerations

If the provenance of your hardwood shutters is important to you, then find out about our FSC certified Sumatra range in beautiful White Teak.

If you have a dust allergy, you may want to request the addition of a hygienic coating, the same used by NHS hospitals to help prevent exposure to bacteria.

Think about when you’d like to have new shutters in your home and allow enough time for them to be ordered. Our standard delivery is sea freight from China, so you need to allow at least 10-12 weeks once

you’ve arranged for a home consultation and survey and placed your order.-

So if you dream of a new look home in time for Christmas, you’ll need to order by September to avoid disappointment as this is a busy period for our retailers. Or take advantage of our air freight supplement if you’d like your shutters earlier.