Tailormade Shutters available Louvre options

The size of louvred panels you choose will very much depend on what you wish to achieve from your shutters.

The simplest way to decide this is to look out of your windows. If you have a stunning backdrop and want to be able to maximise your view, then the wider the louvres the better. However if privacy is a major factor, then  we suggest choosing smaller louvres.

Tailormade Louvred panels available in a variety of different sizes

Views come in different forms – it could be over the countryside towards rolling hills or a cityscape from a penthouse apartment in a large city; in either case the larger slats are best. Whereas an apartment or terraced property looking out onto a busy street, overlooked by passers by and neighbouring properties, will definitely benefit from louvres which are closer together, allowing you to look out while others cannot see in.

32mm, 47mm, 60mm (Flat Louvre), 64mm, 76mm, 84mm (Flat Louvre), 89mm or 114mm

Louvre panels for windows

If however you have a big area of glass to cover, we would reccomend the 114mm louvre. For smaller sizes, our most popular sizes tend to be between 47mm and 64mm, as these are perfect for more traditional houses. However if your windows are Georgian in style, with small window panes, the larger louvred panels are recommended, giving your windows a stunningly beautiful, orthentic look, without looking too busy.

Getting the size of your louvres correct

Of course we will be able to advise you when we visit to take measurements. Windows come in all different shapes and sizes, including unusual shapes such as ovals, arched and triangular, getting the size of your louvres correct is vital, so Tailormade’s expert advice is freely given to ensure perfection. The louvre size also needs to be in proportion to the shutter itself, giving that perfect finish.

You could also consider having shutters with tilt rods; set at the midsection, they will allow you to open the top part while leaving the bottom closed and vice versa, ensuring maximum control over light and privacy. There is no doubt that having the correct sized louvred panels will provide a solution for every window in the home or workplace.