Full Height Shutters

Full height plantation shutters for timeless elegance, designed to elongate the look of your windows. Lets you control light in any room or block it out based on your preference, as well as adding security and privacy.

Providing an extra layer to your windows, reducing unwanted outside noise, and retaining that vital heat during the winter period.

Tailormade full height shutters are made to measure, as with all our shutters they come with various options. A visible tilt rod, providing a classic look, or you can choose to have a hidden tilt rod, giving your shutter a simple, sleeker look.

A mid-rail on windows over certain heights is sometimes required this allows you tilt separate sections of the shutter, controlling precise levels of light between the two tiers.

Benefits would include being able to leave the lower section closed for extra privacy and opening the top to leave natural light to filter into the room, mid-rails also add stability to the shutter reducing the risk of warping, giving a clean finish.

We provide our quality Full Height Shutters throughout Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas.

  • High Quality

  • Tough and Durable

  • Fits any Window

  • Beautiful Finish

  • Very Secure

  • Intelligent Technology



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